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Course Structure

Students are required to complete a total of 126 credits, comprising of:

1) General Education courses no less than 30 credits

2)  Concentration courses no less than 81 credits

2.1) Major courses     no less than  66 credits   


2.1.1) Core Course 27 credits  

IPI100 Introduction to Philosophy

IPI101 Introduction to Politics  

IPI102 Basic Microeconomics  

IPI103 Basic Macroeconomics

IPI200 Introduction to Law and Public Law

IPI201   Social and Political Philosophy

IPI202 Politics and Government of Modern Thailand

IPI203 Constitution and Political Institutions in Modern Society

IPI204  Research Methodology for Philosophy, Politics, and Economics

2.1.2) Selective Core Course 30 credits

Students are to choose 2 out of 3 branches, obtaining 15 credits from each branch.


Philosophy Branch

IPI220 Introductory Ethics

IPI221 Logic and Reasoning

IPI320 History of Western Philosophy

IPI321 History of Eastern Philosophy

IPI322 Introduction to Metaphysics and Epistemology


Politics, Law, and Human Rights Branch

IPI222 Introduction to Administrative Law

IPI223 Thai Legal and Judicial System

IPI323 Approaches in Comparative Politics

IPI324  Global Politics

IPI325 Human Rights


Economics Branch

IPI224 Intermediate Microeconomics

IPI225  Intermediate Macroeconomics

IPI330 Mathematical and Statistical Techniques in Economics

IPI331 Basic Econometrics

IPI332 Contemporary Thai Economy


2.1.3) Thesis and Internship     9 credits

IPI500 Internship 

IPI501 Research Paper 1

IPI502 Research Paper 2


2.2) Minor courses no less than 15 credits

Students are to choose one cluster of minor courses provided by the program or by other faculties according to the University's regulation. 

2.2.1) Clusters of minor courses provided by the program

Minor in Modern Philosophy

IPI346   Aesthetics and Philosophy of Art

IPI347 Philosophical Foundation of Modernity

IPI348 Global Justice

IPI349 Ethics for the Digital Age

IPI456 Seminar on Philosophical Issues


Minor in Public Policy and Global Politics

IPI356 Public Policy and Public Management

IPI357 Principles of Foresight and Futures Studies

IPI358 Political Economy of Welfare State Countries

IPI359 Contemporary Politics in the Digital Age

IPI467 Seminar on Public Policy and Global Politics


Minor in Economics and Development Studies

IPI366 International Political Economy

IPI367 Introduction to International Development

IPI368 Basic Institutional Economics

IPI369 Economics of Innovation

IPI478 Seminar on Economic and Development Studies

2.2.2) Minor courses outside the program

3) Free Elective Courses no less than 15 credits

PPE students can freely take subjects in other minors and count them towards free electives. Students can also take free electives provided by other internal programs in Thammasat for a more diverse learning experience.

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