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TCAS 3 Admission

Admission 2022

Application Calendar

Inter Portfolio 1

Application Period

1 November – 17 December 2021

Announcement of the Candidates for Interview

29 December 2021 

Interview Date

7 – 8 January 2022

Announcement of Qualified Applicants

17 January 2022

Admission Confirmation

7 – 8 February 2022

Inter Portfolio 2

Application Period

14 January – 15 March 2022

Announcement of the Candidates for Interview

25 March 2022

Interview Date

1 – 2 April 2022

Announcement of Qualified Applicants

8 April 2022

Admission Confirmation

4 – 5 May 2022

TCAS 3 Admission

Application Period

2 – 10 May 2022

Interview Date

26 – 27 May 2022

Applicants have to register in the Thai Central Admission System (TCAS).


Inter Program Admission 2

Application Period

25 April – 12 May 2022

Announcement of the Candidates for Interview

25 May 2022

Interview Date

28 May 2022

Announcement of Qualified Applicants

2 June 2022

Admission Confirmation

8 – 9 June 2022

How to Apply

Inter Admission 2

  1. Apply online using this form:

  2. Fill in the application form. Upload the documents and payment slip in the form.

       1) One copy of Identification card or passport

       2) One copy of official high school certification or high school equivalency diploma e.g. GED and IB Diploma

       3) One copy of high school transcript

       4) Copy of test scores. Online Score report is accepted.

       5) Bank receipt of application fee payment 


       All files must be merged into one PDF file arranged by number with a maximum size of 10 MB.

   3. Application fee of 800 baht* is to be paid to:

       Bangkok Bank  

       Account no.: 905-0-09452-4

       Account name: วิทยาลัยสหวิทยาการ มธ. (PPE Inter)

The application will be considered complete once the bank slip is received within 3 days since the application date.

*Remark: Thammasat University has announced a reduction of application fee being paid to PPE International Program. The fee which was initially 1,000 baht has been reduced to 800 baht. This is to reflect the university's concerns regarding the widespread economic effects of the pandemic in recent time. The reduction of fee applies takes effect after the announcement date, and applies to Admission 2022 only.

Applicants who  previously made payment will be contacted by the program for reimbursement. The official announcement (Thai) can be read HERE

TCAS 3 Admission

  1. Apply on

  2. Upload the documents in Google Form​​

1) TCAS Application form

2) Transcript or certifying letter of the last year of High School

3) National ID or passport

4) House registration

5) English test results

6) Academic test results by National Institute of Educational Testing Service