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PPE the International Program

PPE refers to Bachelor Program in Philosophy Politics and Economics. PPE is an undergraduate program first offered at Oxford University, UK. Philosophy Politics and Economics are fundamental to the workings of our modern society. Therefore, studying the three sciences should be able to enable students to gain a better understanding of the modern world, which is changing so rapidly in many different and complex ways. Since then, many universities started to offer PPE courses with similar conviction. At Thammasat, PPE International Program hopes to train students not only to keep up with the world, but also to be able to utilize knowledge in an interdisciplinary way, to apply knowledge from different sciences masterfully, in order to provide the most effective solutions to issues at hand.

PPE program at Thammasat University is seen as a revival of Thammasat's Degree in Moral Science which was one of the two degree programs initially offered during the first two decades of Thammasat University’s history. Similar to Thammasat's Degree in Moral Science, PPE is unique in its interdisciplinary nature, career flexibility, and is able to provide a good foundation for those who which to pursue education in a higher level. More importantly, PPE’s interdisciplinary approach and its special attention to social issues can very well amplify Thammasat University’s determination throughout the the university’s history, i.e. to serve the people and the country.

The Bachelor Program in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (PPE International Program) has been developed according to the Bachelor Program in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (2018 revision) which is being offered in Thai. The program is uniquely focused on the principles of philosophy, politics, and economics which are at play in Asian and ASEAN context. This is to correspond with the trend of 21th century which has been dubbed ‘the Asian Century’. It is also to provide a quality education for students from the Greater Mekong Sub region, ASEAN countries, as well as others, who are interested in an international bachelor program with a special focus on integrating social sciences in order to respond to societal demands.The College of Interdisciplinary Studies aims to create the PPE International Program as a unique educational program, for it to be able to achieve the perfect harmony of the spirit of Thammasat and to amplify the university’s policy towards an international future.

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PPE International Program is fully taught in English.

Classes are held at Tha Phrachan Campus 

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