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Life after PPE

PPE prepares you for countless opportunities for life.

Thanks to the PPE International BA Program’s interdisciplinary approach, our graduates will be equipped with knowledge and the ability to understand both current affairs of the world and its tentative futures. By the time of graduation, they will possess knowledge which covers a broad range of politics, economics, law, management, philosophy, sciences, technology, and innovation. It is therefore certain that life after PPE will be an exciting one for you.

Open Book

Since PPE International Program requires students to complete an academic thesis in order to graduate, PPE students will be well-equipped with research skills. These skills are tremendously valuable for pursuing a master’s degree or even a PhD. Therefore, PPE graduates who plan to further their studies will have a clear advantage over others who have no experience with academic research.

Networking Event

Graduates with a PPE degree will have strong analytical skills, and a broad outlook. But more importantly, they will be able to maneuver their skills in a diverse way, into various line of work. Therefore, they will be presented with endless career opportunities, including in public sector such as civil service, private sector such as consulting, prestigious firms, non-governmental organisation(NGOs), international organizations, startups, and business.


PPE International Program is fully taught in English. Also, during your studies, you will be encouraged to take up a third or fourth languages. Not only you will be able to express yourself fluently, you will feel comfortable and confident in an international setting. This will be a great advantage, especially if you want to pursue your studies or career abroad.

Digital Work Life

It is important to remember that our era is changing so rapidly. Many job opportunities you will encounter might not yet exist. More crucial are critical thinking, creative thinking, and problem-solving skills which PPE will help you learn. These skills will help you not only succeed in various kind of works, but also create your own path.

With a PPE degree, you will always be one step ahead.

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