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So you know it's Philosophy, Politics, and Economics.

But do you really know what they are?



Adam Smith

PPE offers you a fresher and more diverse way to do economics. You will discover how to manage limited resources in order to best satisfy demands which are often unlimited. Not only do you learn about government fiscal and monetary policy, and international trade, but also how individuals make economic decisions as well as cooperate with one another in everyday life; how we put different values on things, and why we do so. You will learn the anatomy of various economic systems, their strengths and weaknesses. Moreover, you will be acquainted with multiple approaches with which economics is studied and applied, for example with regards to development, environment, business, and agriculture, so that you not only know how system functions, but can also challenge and make a real change to improve it.



Karl Marx

You will learn the workings of political institutions and the law in Thailand as well as on an international level. You will realise that politics impacts your life in many different ways. Especially in the world with new certainties such as rising international tensions, a change in geopolitics, and technological disruptions, robust understanding of politics is key.You will learn how to lead, how to rule, and above all, how to be an active citizen who is mindful of others, respects human rights, and strives for a fairer political community. You will learn ideas as well as ideals that have driven political changes throughout history, and you will be challenged to think for yourself, what might be the driving force for future politics, and what will be your contribution thereunto.




You will be invited to ponder fundamental questions such as: what is reality? What is good and what is a good life? Does the government has the right to rule? Does anything have any meaning at all? With these abstract questions, you will be trained to think conceptually, logically and critically. Conceptual thinking is crucial in seeing interconnectedness of knowledge beyond a single discipline. In a world where there is so much information available, It is more important than ever before for you to know how to think independently, to know which information is useful, and which is not. Philosophy will dare you to refute well-received ideas that do not make sense, and to open yourself up to new ideas, to become a better economist, a better political scientist, and whatever you need to be in order to deliver radical solutions the world sorely needs.

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