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A truly unique program that equips you with 

all-rounded abilities to tackle complex issues of modern times, and prepares you for endless

career opportunities.


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4 years of PPE

PPE Degree can be completed wihtin 3.5 years.





General Education

PPE Introductory courses

Choose 2 out of 3 tracks

philosophy + politics

philosophy + economics

economics + politics

Minor courses


  • Modern Philosophy

  • Public Policy and Global Politics

  • Economics and Development Studies


Summer Internship

Graduation Thesis

Free electives

"ALL human beings

by nature

desire understanding."

 - Aristotle - 


“Sophisticated man has a need to 'place' himself in the world, to come to terms intellectually and emotionally within himself and his environment, to take his own and the world's measure.”

“The master-economist must possess a rare combination of gifts. He must reach a high standard in several different directions and must combine talents not often found together. He must be mathematician, historian, statesman, philosopher - in some degree... as aloof and incorruptible as an artist, yet sometimes as near the earth as a politician.”

 - John Plamenatz - 

Social and political theorist

 - John Maynard Keynes -